weird myths about girls….check reality

follow url today i am going tell about weird myths about girls which we need to stop believing

go there is a guy in every group which knows everything about girls and teaches you about girls like who is virgin & who is not just by looking her butt and breasts

they are the most weird and dumbest persons in earth…

online foreign exchange don’t believe them…

binäre option legal let us take look on more of weird myths which we need to stop believing!  

#check virginity by hymen!!!

Soldi da Investire ? Scopri come e oggi in modo conveniente. Consigli sul trading online e come fare per evitare truffe... A hymen is just a thin membrane which is present at the opening of the vagina. scientifically it is impossible to

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recognize the virginity of a girls…there is no way to check woman’s virginity

there are multiple reasons that can cause the hymen to hemorrhage, like cycling, horseback riding, gymnastics, among other things. Also, there’s a chance that a woman does not even have one. So, all this myth about hymen breaking=losing virginity is just a bull sh*t…


# one breast is bigger than other…


well that is not a myth that is true


one breast is always bigger than second one…

but relax that is just a minor difference which is not be noticeable boys don’t

notice don’t even try 😛

but if difference is noticeable you need go to the doctor that can be a sign of breast cancer


# butt size increases after anal sex

click here anal sex doesn’t increase the hip size, not in any way possible. Technically and practically anal sex doesn’t have a relationship with the increase in size

tecnica opzioni binarie 15 minuti hips might have increased owing to a change of diet, so keeping yourself engaged in regular exercises helps you trim the extra fat.

#size is everything for girls…

which is another big myth

If there’s one thing society has consistently equated with manliness

it’s penis size. So may be many of you worry about your sizes

but the truth is Size matters, to some people, sometimes. But it’s not everything. which is very rare i guess

the reason behind this is non other than 24option com demo account porn industry: fake sex tourism 

Average erect size is really about five to six inches in length and four to five inches in girth, depending on the source.


 # mauling of  breast can increase it’s size…

it is a very common and weird myth that mauling can increase the size of breasts

only and only exercise and some natural tricks can increase the size of breasts

you can’t judge a girl  by their sizes of their breast

the only aim of this article is to tell all the boys that you can not judge ANYONE just by their looks…

learn this by heart..

first know him/her then judge him

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