unknown secrets about guys every girl need to know

In this article I will tell you the unknown secrets about guys every girl need to know,

usually guys are not talkative and are not open to everyone, so read this article this will help to understand your boyfriends, best friends and boys


1.Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They just want girls with attractive personality… who can present her in a better way

2. if your boyfriend or best friend cries


in front of you during a fight…

hang on 95 % of time it’s fake

just to gain your sympathy

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3. boys can have crush on you for a minute, and then they can even forget your face

4. If a guy is having crush on you then he doesn’t mind with your bad habits

5. 70% of the boys prefer showing off their expensive stuff to attract girls (I don’t know why)

6. if your guy kisses on your forehead don’t let him go that means he really loves you…

7. every time when you compare your boyfriend with the ex-one that he hates it the most

8. every guy finds a way to look at a girl’s cleavage no matter what he is doing…

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9. don’t give too much attention to the boys they can feel embarrassed

10.we boys don’t like to be told that they’re not good at something, especially when it is related to boys

11. guys always check their girl’s profile and feed to if other guys are leaving flirty comment on their post

12.boys try very hard to get the attention of those girls, who don’t like them…they just want attention…don’t ask me why

13.boys like girls who are good with kids because it shows their patience level…those girls are more likely to be good in relationships

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14. boys don’t like those girls who are not good with animals

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15. guys like it, when you introduce him in front of your friends

16. guys follow the principle of “beauty with brain” agenda … That’s it

19. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. don’t give them advice

20. simple rule…if he teases you that means he likes you

21. guys can’t hold their final decision about anything…

22. guys like those girls which are having same qualities

like their mom

23. guys tend to be more talkative than girls if the topic is about girls

24. you can give your boyfriend a second chance but if he asked you for a third chance then never give him…

25. And the reason for which you are here!!! why men stare at breasts

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get link Men are attracted to features about a woman that make her look different from a man.

Binary options broker definition directory The male and female bodies are almost similar with the main differences being a woman’s obvious feminine features and the differences between our genitals.

http://salpasafarit.fi/?kalimo=otomatik-forex-i%C5%9Flemleri&3a1=b4 Obvious feminine features include her hips, her breasts, some facial features and her genitals.

valuta i prag forex When a heterosexual man sees another man, no attraction is triggered because there’s nothing to feel attracted to.

http://www.chezlucas.fr/?rtywwew=site-de-rencontre-haut-niveau&8c4=ad It’s just a male body that is of no use to him.

go to link However, when a heterosexual man sees a woman with obvious feminine features, his sexual attraction is immediately triggered because she’s obviously a female.

that’s it, these are some top unknown secrets about guys which every girl need to know

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