Top relationship hacks to help and build your relationship

Here i am enlisting top relationship hacks to help you to improve your relationship with your peers, friends and everyone  Use it and see the difference!

we all know love is not enough to build an relation we need some extra spark in our relation life…so here are relationship hacks to help and build your partnership

1. do me a Favour don’t do any favour!!!

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 Never ask a big favour when you meet the person for the first time. Ask a tiny favour and make it easy for them to help you out with and lets you get the work done faster.

2. take time to know your partner!

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according to research it takes 3 years to know your partner or the you are with,

so don’t give everything to your partner until you believe them and believe doesn’t mean trust,

mark these words

know your partner—–>then only start your honeymoon stage..if that is concern

3. admit it! that you’re wrong…

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put your ego aside in a relationship, this will help you because sometimes just a sorry stops a fight…when you know it’s your fault admit it and say sorry but when you know it’s not your calm and say sorry

just try it once you will get better result

this relationship hack is for both mr. and miss 

4. how to stop fight in seconds…

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having fight with your loved one do a thing…

it’s a secret and 100% working hold his/her hand  and also do one thing start walking if you can

because It’s very, very, VERY difficult to get angry while holding hands, or while walking together in the same direction.


5. sometimes silly things helps you…

Use a silly codeword to decode an argument.

My girlfriend and I made a pact that we will stop arguing and hug each other if one of us says “stop be calm”

It can’t just be used to shut someone up, it’s only useful when you’re both angry. Typically someone will calm down enough to remember to say the words then the other person will laugh and the argument will stop. Sounds a bit crazy but it works really well. I guess it helps to make you realise that most arguments are over silly things.

Think one up now before your next argument!

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6. do sex on 50-50 basis…

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50-50 sex? what does that mean?? 

50-50 sex simply mean same effort and interest and from the both side

The way men and women view sex and intimacy is completely different. In fact, couples should sit down and have a heart-to-heart every year.

doctors finds that 99% of the time, “he wants more sex than she’s willing to give him.”

“I tell them that foreplay starts at 6am when you open your eyes. The alarm goes off, you get dressed, have breakfast, don’t talk much, maybe text about dinner arrangements, have dinner, then hop in bed and bam, he is ready to go – but she is thinking “well, you’ve ignored me all day and now you expect this,” says psychotherapist.

“Where he is turned on at the sight of her in the shower, she isn’t – she gets turned on by the foreplay that starts at 6am where he considers her, helps her, talks about her day and asks her how she feels – THAT is foreplay to a woman.”


7. Most popular relationship hack…

If you want to really hack your relationship and take it to the next level here’s a quick hack.

use john gray’s 5 love languages

1. Words of Affirmation (she likes to be praised)


2. Quality Time (she want’s to spend time with you)

3. Acts of Service (she likes that you do things for her)

4. Receiving Gifts (she likes receiving gifts from you)

5. Touch (she likes being touched)

then keep repeating…


 8. every relationships are different…

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above all the mentioned relationship are depends on the different stages of the different lets take an example of some…

#AT EARLY STAGE-  Be honest, starting a relationship on lies is the worst thing you can do…most of the boys and girls start relationship on a lie which is not good

yeah cute and lovey lies are good for relationships

#AFTER EARLY BUT BEFORE SERIOUS ONE ( AT NASCENT STAGE) – Compliment him/her. See, clearly the person you want to be in a relationship with would have a lot of other contacts.

YOU have to do something different to serve as a pair of eyes which can see in him/her that which no one else sees i.e taking care of her/him when no one want to…respect him/her like no one do….never overdo the compliments like many do

When you know she is “The one” – This is the point from which all other hacks mentioned in previous posts will come to no or little avail. From here on the best relationship hack is to Make her fall in love with you every day. I know it might sound cheesy or something you read in novels like the “happily ever after endings” but the truth is if you are able to accomplish it even on alternate days you will experience something which every one aspires of but few experience – A truly happy relationship.


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