amazing LIFE HACKS every girl should know

er sucht ihn sie enter site (LIFE HACKS FOR GIRLS) I don’t know about girls and I never searched about…what woman wants! and how to seduce them seriously !!!

source but I know they have many more problems as compare to men 

click here so here are some LIFE HACKS which help you to live your life more  efficiently

handla binära optioner so let’s get started

1. your Dog is always with you

LIFE HACKS for girls

go feeling sad! obviously, girls are more emotional than boys so they need someone to be with them and dogs are the best option for them

citas bogota hombres so bring your dog with you for an outdoor walk or run…if you are looking for motivation they will help you

2. Apply 20/20/20 rule…

LIFE HACKS for girls If you are computer worm and watch computer or lapto p all day with no breaks, try the 20/20/20 rule, which doctors say reduces eye strain and redness: Take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes.


3. Put clean nail polish on inside of fingers to get rid out of green stains!!

LIFE HACKSfor girls

4. Use ice cubes to remove chewing gums from hair!!!!

don’t need to cut your hair anymore because of chewing gum

LIFE HACKS for girls

 5.EAT something before you are going to eat something!!!

LIFE HACKS for girls

If you know you’re going to a party, a buffet, or a big dinner and don’t want to totally bust your diet, eat one to two cups of raw veggies beforehand to give your stomach a bit of a head start.

6. feel the power of orange!

LIFE HACKS for girls

do you know oranges can

  • reduce stress

  • improve mood

  • and make you feel way more awake.

Try eating a fresh orange for breakfast every morning and inhaling its scent

7. Always shop with full stomach

LIFE HACKS for girls

never go to grocery shop when you are hungry.

why so? because

with an empty tummy! every item looks tasty  and you start buying those items you normally might not buy!


8. put some money everyday in a jar for the name of god

LIFE HACKS for girls

give some money to god and god save your money in their bank and help you when you are need of them

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