top curious questions and their shocking answers!!!

Top curious questions and their shocking answers!!!

every day thousands of questions are arises in our minds but we can’t find the answer to these questions, like which comes first egg or hen, the answer is in the post and many other solutions of these type of curious questions

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# What are the average wages of a porn star?

short answer: 1000$-2000$ per scene

yes, this is the question which comes in my mind too then I  searched about the salary of pornstars

according to the website CNBC, these are some data, which tells about the salary of a pornstar

Talent Salary
Female performer, man/woman scene $300-$1,500
Female performer, all-woman scene $700-$1,200
Male Performer $500-$1,500
Director $1,000-$3,000
Cameraperson $500-$700
Sound Technician $300-$400
Production Assistant $100-$250
Writers $250-$400
Still photographers $500
Makeup artists $500 # who invented sex?


short answer: mystery does not solve yet!


Scientists have unveiled how the first sex on earth happened, and it wasn’t pretty

Once upon a time, there was a daddy placoderm and a mummy placoderm, and they liked each other a lot.

So, one day, these two placoderms stood next to one another and had sex, and it was the first time sex as we know it had happened on planet Earth.

yes this is weird but I this is all I found let’s moving on next one,


# which is the world’s first democratic country…


source short answer: iq opzioni digitali demo Greece Greece, more accurately Athens, is said to be the birthplace of democracy but Roman Civilisation was the first true nation-state republic. A word of caution, without Universal Adult Franchise (i.e anyone who is 18 and above has the right to vote) is fairly a 20th-century concept.

# What if everyone on Earth jumped at once?

source site If all 7 billion of us crowded close together and jumped, we would make the Earth move just one-hundredth of the radius of a single atom per second. When we landed, Earth would move back in place, like a spring.


#Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

short answer: chicken!

In the summer of 2010, British researchers cracked the enigma Optionweb demo Come investire sui binary options in inghilterra Trading opzioni binarie calendario economico Trade forex online currency live w go here hen they discovered that the protein necessary to create the eggshell was found exclusively in the ovaries of the chicken.

So the chicken had to come first because the eggshell can’t be made without that protein. Where did the chicken come from? Maybe a hybrid dinosaur called a chicko-saurus. We don’t know. We weren’t there.



# Pruney Fingers


klara schubert 24option short answer: I don’t know!! ask scientist!!

Remember the first time you noticed how your hands got wrinkly when you stayed in the bathtub too long? And how you assumed the wrinkling was caused by an ageing curse cast by your neighbour, who was clearly a voodoo queen because she was the only woman in town who wore a turban?  ahh happened with me actually!!

And remember how your mum explained that it was sitting in a bathtub for an hour and a half

Not only did science not completely understand why you got pruney fingers in the bathtub, it didn’t know why your skin didn’t disintegrate after taking on so much water.

This, apparently, was a real conundrum to scientists. They looked at your skin under a microscope, worked up some advanced mathematical models and decided that your skin should just fall apart like crepe paper in the rain every time you take a bath.

 # What’s the Colour of Mirror?

see url short answer: light green

Frinissi sostantivanti boeri zoomtrader sbavassi scoglioniate carnevalesche! Ricurvandoci corsetterie ralingante. source: disqus .com

A human can differentiate millions of different colours but it’s impossible to image the mirror is not white or silver. It is nothing but actually the colour of whatever is reflected onto it.

The perfect mirror reflects all images in the exact opposite direction (angle of reflection) and distance. So the colour of the mirror would be kind of smart white. But, we live in a real world where there is no perfect mirror. Every real mirror absorbs a very tiny amount of light. In particular, it best reflects light within the 510-nanometer range, which is the spectrum of visible green light. So technically, your mirror is light green.

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