top 5 condom hacks will change your perception about condoms

condoms hack which will change your perception about condoms

strategia opzioni binarie rsi tinder dating for blackberry May be thats so foolish of me or may be thats so cool of me…

enter site but for the many other purposes, like:

1.use as waterproof mobile cover

condom hacks:

as shown in above pic you can cover your mobile by covering it with the condom and you can tell everyone that… this is a waterproof cover ( noo forget it😅)

and you can watch a movie in your bathroom,

funzionano opzioni binarie Now that one is cool… you can click a pic in rain.. 😍😍 #picfromiphone8 😋

but I cannot tell you about how to buy a condom… If you are less than 18…

Like imagine if you ask for a condom with a reason that you have to watch a movie in your bathroom

Godd no 😂

2. small shoes! No worry

condom hacks:

if your shoes are too small and you love them so

no need to worry, You can wear them! how? with the help

of the condom, you can tight your foot that will help fit your shoe

3. portable bathroom

condom hacks:

yeah, it’s weird but helpful AF…

a condom may be a life saver on a long road trip or if you are stuck in traffic and can’t hold it anymore.

Common you can’t pee in your car..

but-but-but! Wouldn’t recommend this use for #2 situations, or for women.

4.acne medication

condom hacks: Surprisingly the lubricant from condoms is believed to help with acne breakouts. Sex workers in African countries are known to use the lubricant as medication. No one seems more qualified to speak on ways to be resourceful or use condoms than African sex workers.

forex 60 secondi 5. Condom Slingshot! ( source

This would work perfectly fine with a balloon too. But in case you want to put your condoms to a different use you can use this hack to protect yourself. First, find a regular sized can and poke a hole in the bottom of it using a nail. Stretch a condom over the top of the can and roll it down until the can fits inside. You may want to wash it off first because it’s probably going to be a bit sticky.

go Using a dowel rod or a chopstick, slide it into the hole you created earlier. This will act as your bullet or arrow.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Chicago Illinois Finally, simply pull back on the other side and release. The elasticity of the condom will send the rod flying and you’re now equipped to defend yourself.

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